Auto Image Enhance

Why design it!

For most people, the photos we token in daily life, did not meat our imagination at most time. Maybe because of environment or light, even camara.

FarBox wants to solve it by a natural design, without focusing on editing photos or filters, but we still can get a vivider image.

After many adjustments on graphic algorithms, what we designed is really amazing for non-portraitures.

Design, should be invisible. This is our basic principle.

Effect Contrast

an orignal landscape

this landscape auto-processed by FarBox

an orignal photo of salmon

Image Title

this photo auto-processed by FarBox

Image Title

How to enable the image enhance?

Go to the admin dashboard of your site, and check the feature like below, then it will work.

Vivider Image

You also can add a GET parameter by yourself to the URL of a photo, auto=true means making it enabled, auto=false means disable.