Rules for Writting

Basic Description

APPs for Writting

  • FarBox Web Editor: After logged in at, you can find the entrance or go directly;this is a very simple Editor。
  • FarBox Desktop Editor: click and download itrecommend!),supports Win/Mac, besides writing and logging, it also can export a whole folder into a PDF document.
  • Other APPs (for Apple): Mou, iA Writer, Byword

Like iA Writer and Byword, they are across-platform APPs, there is also APPs for iPhone and iPad, and supports Dropbox too (means you can edit/save a document into FarBox directly).
If you are using other applications, just save your posts into the directory of FarBox, it just works!

Basic Rules

  • filename is the title of post
  • file content is the body of post

The suffix of the filename of a post, should be one of .txt .md .markdown .mk.

Insert an Image

If you are using FarBox Editor, just drag an image into the textarea, that's all.

You also can use Markdown syntax to insert it directly, ![](<image_path>), and the image_path is a relative path to the site directory, like /_image/your_photo.jpg.

Modify Propeties

FarBox is using a Config Syntax to extend the properties of a document.

Below is a brief introduction to the rules for a post.

If a post looks like:

Date: 2012-10-25 12:22
Title: I am a title
Tags: tag1, tag2
Status: draft
URL: this-is-my-first-post

this is text body...
  • Date is the publish date for post
  • Title is the title of post (if you don't like to use the filename by default)
  • Tags can set the tags of post
  • Status is the status of your post, default value (if not declared) is public. Usually, the post list of your site contains the posts whose status is public.
  • URL is the address of your post, if not necessary, do not customize it.

If you want to learn more about the properties/configs of a post, please check >Configs of Post

About Markdown

FarBox supports Markdown (if necessary, you can disable this feature in the site admin dashboard), usually, you just write, and no need to know how Markdown works.

The orignal Markdown syntax ask for tow line-breaks to break a line, bug FarBox won't follow this rule, except the suffix of your post is .mk.

In most cases of format errors/mistakes when using Markdown, you can fix it by add (or cut) one more space/line-break.

Bellow is some special Markdown syntax for FarBox:


A simple table looks like this:

First Header | Second Header | Third Header
------------ | ------------- | ------------
Content Cell | Content Cell  | Content Cell
Content Cell | Content Cell  | Content Cell


This is emphatically [^1]
Something else [^key2].

[^1]: emphatically: some thing here
[^key2]: footnote for key2

Code Highlight

Declare your code language, then the code will be highlighted; the code block Starts (and ends) with a line containing 3 ` characters.


If you want to show the lines of code, add :n at the end of the code language.


We are using the Pygments package to highlight code and the style is controled by CSS. There are some common kinds of Pygments Style.

Insert a Gist

In a separate line ,`gist gist_id`. The character ` is necessity.

Tip: sometimes, you should set the word-break to normal in your customed CSS style to avoid to break the gist styles.

    word-break: normal;


your mathjax code.

Make sure, you already understand how Mathjax works, and in your site admin dashbord, the Use MathJax is set to On or yes.