Doc Generator for Humans

We need a Document Auto Generator for humans which one can make us focus on writing. So we built one using FarBox template API, yeah, it's very cool! & are base on this generator template.

Samples for the document generator (snapshots)

This is a folder structure of local computer.


This is a Web site base on the folder structure.


This is the PDF document base on the folder structure.

Image Title

Image Title

How to use this document auto generator?

Step1, understand the mechanism

FarBox can turn a folder and the files it includes into a queryable database structure, so the Web site can use the template API to get the data you need. And position is a metadata of a post, that you can set by you self when editing a post; and position is also used to sort a post list.

In short, this document auto generator just a website customed by FarBox API.

Step2, user this template

It's a easy job to clone a template in FarBox, just visiting, input your site domain, then your site will get the template!

In fact, the source code is very simple too, you can fetch it and modify it, here is source

Download ZIP Package, unzip it, move the diretory of template into a site folder of yours. Maybe you should also need to go to the site admin dashboard to set Template Priority to Custom Template.

Step3, understand the basic rules

  1. Document files should be in a directory named docs, the file will be the homepage of this site;
  2. The left sidebar is auto generated: subfolders of docs is subnavigation
  3. If a document declared toc: yes in metadatas, third-level navigation will be embedded into the left sidebar
  4. Both directories and files should be named in this format number+space+name, like 1 name, 2 name.

Check here for more rules, and all the ruels are controlled by the template that can be modified by yourself.

Obscure Features!

Pack folder into PDF

You should download the desktop APP of FarBox FarEditor first.

Run FarEditor, then View -> File Manager, choose the docs direcotry, right-click and you will see:

pack to pdf

Then following the tips to pack folder into PDF, and more documents, more time needed for packing.

Supports Multiple Languages

The root folder is docs by default, if there is anaother root folder named docs-zh_cn or docs-us_en, then visiting a URL plus ?lang=zh_cn or ?lang=us_en will hit docs-zh_cn or docs-us_en, not docs any more.

By default, different visitors match different root folder automatically, without modifying the URL.

Add Comments System

Go to you site admin dashboard, and add the Diqsus ID, that's all.

But it means to the visitors, they can give a comment to your some document, the feedbacks can help you to improve the documentation.