Bind Domains

Step 1, binding in site admin dashboard

You need to bind a domain in the site admin dashboard, ( the URL looks like


If you used a domain as the name of your site folder, there is no need to setup again in the dashboard.

If you binded a subdomain of FarBox ( looks like *** )1, just visiting it (if it was not occupied by others). If the domain is an independent one, you can visiting to check if it works in FarBox side 2.

Step 2, modify the DNS records of your independent domain

If the domain you binded is not an independent domain, or your domain was binded by modifying the NameServer, you can skip this step now.
The modification of DNS records, would become effective in minutes or longer, it depends on the DNS network of the world. Please be patient.

Option 1: Modify NameServer

The is the simplest and recommended way, please set the Nameservers of your domain at your registrant to. ns2.farbox.netThere should be no other nameservers together, otherwise it won't work!).

The image bellow, takes as an example:

Image Title

You also can use option 2 and option 3 to modify your DNS records, but only if you knew how to set different types of DNS records.

Note: If you bind your domain in this way, there is no management for your other types of DNS records, like MX.

Option 2: Modify CNAME of DNS

If you want to bind, then create a CNAME record whose value is

Option 3: Modify A Record (not recommended)

Avoid to use this solution if possible, when FarBox changes the IP, A record will fail to work.
And the Network Optimization of FarBox does not work for A Record.

If your root domain can't use CNAME, you could use A Record instead. The IP of A Record is related to

Usually, these two terminal commands of OS can help you to find the IP for A Record.


  1. We offer free subdomains of FarBox, like ***, the max-length is 3. To occupy a subdomain without a reasonable reason is not allowed. For example, if you occupy a hundred subdomains, we would suspend your account. And do not try to occupy the subdomains that related to the brand of FarBox, like,, .etc 

  2. If the is accessible, but the is not, it means your DNS records failed (this is out of the control of FarBox).